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Baby christening clothes, how do we choose them and what is it to know?

The Christianization of a newborn is a very big holiday, a moment with a special soul and religious load, symbolizing the moment when the baby becomes a Christian.

Complete maternity kit, for the moment when the baby will be born

We know how emotional the moment is when the baby shows signs that it is time to come into the world, but at the same time how many thoughts come to mind when you have to pack for the most important moment.

How to dress during pregnancy, 10 tips for pregnant women's outfits

Being a future mother also involves changes in our body, a few extra pounds, but these transformations will be incomparable with the joy you will feel when you hold your baby in your arms.


Free Rhipping

Each store registered in ErgoShop sets its minimum order threshold for which transport is free.

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Free Returns

The return of the products is made in accordance with Romanian legislation and offers buyers the right of return within 14 days of ordering the products.

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